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I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Russia aboard Charisma News. Hope you find this an uplifting experience ! South Africa 125 United States 38 United Kingdom 28 Germany 11 Malaysia 10 Greece 6 New Zealand 5 Russia 2 Australia 1 Belgium 1

Role Models

Animals and children can be incredible role models. Even ‘roll models’. Watch them as they roll around on the grass, scratching their backs, feet gleefully kicking up in the air. Notice the freedom they enjoy and the obvious joy they feel in that freedom. This freedom is very important for adults, too. Don’t get stuck […]

No News is Good News.

Ever heard people say that no news is good news ? Well they’re wrong. The only way we encourage each other and show each other that it is indeed worth our while to trust God is when we share good news with each other. The enemy knows this and tries his best to get us […]

Beleive In Your Heart

Author: Unknown Believe in your heart that  something wonderful is about to happen.  Love your life.  Believe in your own powers,  and your own potential,  and in your own innate goodness.  Wake every morning  with the awe of just being alive.  Discover each day the magnificent,  awesome beauty in the world.  Explore and embrace life […]