Thank you for helping me speak

You’ll cry, you’ll cheer – watch as Mushy finds his voice in Educating Yorkshire’s final show Pupil with a lifelong stutter tells his classmates and teachers: ‘Thank you for helping me speak It’s not often you have a little cry and then punch the air while cheering a 16-year-old and his scruffy teacher. But this clip from the final Educating Yorkshire is guaranteed to make you do exactly that. If you want a life-affirming experience that makes your whole day a rosier, happier place, watch English teacher Mr Burton as he helps pupil Musharaf Asghar overcome a lifelong crippling stutter. Preparing for a crucial GCSE test in which he has to speak aloud, Mr Burton listens to ‘Mushy’ struggle and then says “It’s only cos I watched The King’s Speech recently, and one of the things he does, he’s similar to you he just can’t get the words out. “But he makes him listen to some music and do it again, have you got your phone with you? Use mine and I’ll play you some awful music.” Mushy pops in the headphones, and tries again, and as the words start pouring out of him Mr Burton’s face is a picture of pure joy. To find out about Mr Burton’s emotional reaction as he watched the show back again on Channel 4 last night, click on the link. At the end of year assembly a teacher tells the pupils how when he arrived at the school Mushy could barely talk, was badly bullied, and had just a 34 per cent attendance record. Now he’s a prefect and Mushy has something he’d like to say, she tells them. With that, Mushy – with his headphones on – makes a moving speech thanking staff and his fellow pupils for helping him find his voice. The teachers are crying, the kids are crying, and he gets a rightly deserved standing ovation. It’s the most heartwarming and inspiring thing you’ll see all year. Guarantee You’ll ,cry, you’ll, cheer, – watch, as, Mushy, finds, his, voice, in, Educating, Yorkshire’s, final ,show,Watch ,Educating ,Yorkshire’s, Mushy, P ,find ,his ,voice, in, the, video, clip ,that, made, Twitter, cry


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