127 posts dedicated to lifting your spirit.

128 if you count this one too.

At the very start of Grace , the daily fan page on facebook , we noticed the potential for a categorised concentrated pool of good news . To this end , a wordpress site was created. WordPress was great while it lasted but wordpress were more interested in advertising than the content we chose to promote. So we went one step further and developed a multisite of our own in which there would be no advertising. And if there was to be any advertising , the revenue would be used to focus more on the concept. Enter www.nikipress.com within which we housed the grace fan page and the wordpress site which was called ” The King’s Lighthouse ”

The concept of a good news network has taken root and now three domains are being developed and tested . Anyway…. thekingslighthouse.nikipress.com is a site dedicated to good news content and what’s great about it is that it’s all Categorised and tagged. So all you need to do is pitch up and start clicking away.

There is another site called salvation.nikipress.com wherein which you’ll find the entire bible study course that pastors study. So you don’t need to guess what is it that those guys know that you don’t know. So that there is now no excuse for you to get into it yourself.

Come on now , show some interest. Jesus showed interest in you when he died for your sins. How much interest are you going to show in the work He died to pay for ?

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