Comedian Jeff Allen on alcoholism, marriage, depression & Jesus Christ

Comedian Jeff Allen, wasn’t always a happy, well-adjusted comedian. At one point, he was a victim of alcohol and drug abuse, living a depressing life and struggling to get by from day to day. Finally, the threat of losing the one person who had been his touchstone through those struggles made him turn to a new source of strength.

Jeff Allen met Tami in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She was a club waitress. They fell in love and got married, but as the drinking and drugs slowly tore Jeff’s career apart, their relationship suffered as well. The low point came when, desperate to feed his family, Jeff couldn’t even get a job delivering pizza. After years of rage, sadness and pain, Jeff and Tami decided to call it quits. With divorce papers signed, they were 10 minutes from the courthouse when they decided to try again. With two children, and barely any career left, comedian Jeff Allen hit rock bottom, turned to Alcoholics Anonymous, recovered himself, and through generous help from a total stranger, found comfort in God.

Comedian Jeff Allen shows why he’s regarded as the world’s funniest, most inspiring comedian in this vulnerable performance. Speaking on Fathers Day at the Victory World Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Jeff Allen talks about his battle with alcoholism and rage, to finally finding Jesus Christ and a new kind of peace. Jeff Allen is doing what he’s always dreamed of doing: making people laugh, now Christian comedian Jeff Allen stands up for God.

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