Some people add value to others lives and some people expect value to be added to theirs. Which kind are you ? This is a crucial question because if you aren’t one you definitely are the other. There are many people on earth but I believe there are only two types of people as I’ve mentioned. In the bump and grind of everyday life I’ve discovered these two types. The bible mentions them. The wise man and the fool or the rich and the poor the wicked and the faithful. I can go on and on. The bible also explains how to get into one of these two ways of living. And the way is , to believe that Jesus has set us free from all iniquity. If you’ve received love you can show love. If you’ve not you can’t. I’ve heard many people tell me about the ways to get there but there is only one way. Believe. You have to take your entire being and all the knowledge you have and cast it aside and simply believe. As you walk this new faith life you’ll see that it is indeed better to give than to receive. There will be a stirring in your heart as you try this new life out. Take baby steps and add value to others lives but remember you can only do this effectively once you’ve accepted the value that Jesus sees in you. Accept the work of the cross of Christ today and be set free.


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