Dr. Bradley Stuart

The Kings Lighthouse was very fortunate to listen to Dr Bradley Stuart speak this morning at the home of Mr Leon Vermeulen in Pretoria. Bradley Shared his testimony and there weren’t many dry eyes in the room . He shared about his early life being born still due to complications at birth. He had to be extricated from his mother with tools. He is very fortunate to be here because just after he was born his mother , the wife of a pastor , cried out to God that she did not accept that her son could be born dead . No sooner had she cried out when a doctor in training walked into the room and started to work on the lifeless baby boy. A miracle happened at that point . He came back to life .

Shortly after , he contracted jaundice and was injected with a rusty needle. This needle caused him to develop a hemorage . There was a point when he was given 2 hours to live and his parents were called to hospital . They prayed and dedicated him to the Lord. He survived. At the age of 4 he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He went to a special school and was later transfered to a normal school. He was rejected and made fun of by the bullies in the school. This man could never finish an exam yet today has a doctorate in theology. He was made the director of shalom ministries run by Angus Buchan. He did this for four years. He answered the call of God and comitted his life to God. He got married last year to a piano teacher and is progressively getting better and the perfect manifestation of the healing bought for him on the cross of christ is imminent. We praise God for his health now as when he dedicated his life to God he could not hold his hand steady and now is able to hold a bible steadily. We look forward to hearing from him when He finalizes his video testimony. He was given citizenship in the united states of America. He was born in South Africa. To God be the Glory.

The Kings Lighthouse live report.

Dr. Bradley Stuart is Yada’s founding director and is an ordained minister of the Gospel who has served the Body of Christ in many nations since 1984.

His Call to Intercession

In 1988, he heard God calling him to teach the Body about intercession, which led him to write a book entitled A Call to Intercession. This biblical foundation teaching covered the following topics: Introducing Intercession, Travail, Warfare, Fasting, Group Intercession, and The Intercessor’s Character. His first book is no longer in print but this anointed information is covered fully in the Yada School courses. Bradley is committed to a local church.
He conducts teachings in various parts of the world. Bradley networks with
various prayer ministries internationally. He labored for four years with Shalom Ministries, a South African ministry headed by Angus Buchan, leading citywide intercessory teams as advance preparation for their evangelistic campaigns.

His Life and Testimony

Bradley’s entire life is a testimony to the power of prayer. He was miraculously sustained through many complications during and after his birth until he was given only two hours to live. This led his praying family to cry out to God to spare his life for His use, which He did. Bradley overcame many battles while attending a cerebral palsy school for six years. When he began attending a normal school he was continually ridiculed for his slow movements and speech due to his muscular coordination problem that the Lord has continued to heal to the amazement of many.
In 1982, he totally dedicated his life to Jesus. The Lord miraculously lengthened one leg, which allowed him to wear normal shoes. He then heard the Lord calling him to serve Him. His response was: ‘here I am Lord, send me.’ I don’t have much ability, but I give you my availability.’ He completed his high school studies and for the next 18 months served in his local church as a youth leader, Sunday school teacher and home fellowship leader while studying by correspondence for a theological diploma. God then called him to move out in faith and make his needs known to Him alone in prayer. His relationship and faith grew as God continued showing him the power of prayer. In 1986 while on a mission in South Africa, his group was attacked by 16,000 rebellious youths and, as they prayed, God sent a huge angel to rescue them from an apparently hopeless situation. That same year,Bradley completed his theological diploma and he was ordained a year later. In 2002 Bradley got his doctorate in theology and resides in Moses Lake WA, USA.


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    • Wow! you are doing wonderful and blessed job towards the God’s ministry. Really i am appreciating u brother for such a wonderful work. Many people definitely inspire and motivate into Jesus through ur testimony and your life. I am very happy to be a part of ur ministry. God bless your ministry and make you do more towards His ministry in Jesus name…God bless you

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