The Baby Adam Fund

The Baby Adam Fund


We are Raja and Jessica P.


Baby Adam is our son who we adopted at 8 weeks old. He was born in a small mission hospital deep in the heart of Northeast India.


What is Baby Adam’s story


Baby Adam was abandoned at birth due to a rare genetic disorder that caused multiple birth defects including an absence of eyelids, severe cleft palate and lip, absent fingers, and significant webbing of his legs and is absent external nasal structures. Adam’s life seemed hopeless in those first few hours of life as he was left alone in a small infant bed. Many people discussed what to make of him and his future. My husband and I felt particularly burdened to care for this child. We went to the hospital daily to wash and care for him. It soon became very clear that Baby Adam, like any infant, needed a family. He needed a family even if his life and condition were uncertain. He needed a home where he could be loved.


Raja and I felt that Adam had found a lot of rejection but what he needed was love. So we adopted him to give him a family, a home, and love.


We took Baby Adam to a major research hospital in India for medical care but all the options were hopeless. Despite having a healthy heart, brain, and other internal organs, multiple surgeries did not seem possible. When it seemed like there were no options left, and after hearing Adam’s story, a team of highly specialized physicians at UNC Hospitals, led by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. John Van Aalst, agreed to help repair Adam’s external defects. Dr. Van Aalst is a pediatric plastic surgeon who specializes in craniofacial surgery, cleft lip and palate. Many of the surgeries need to be done quickly due to risks for long term damage.


Reflections of gratitude


Baby Adam continues to touch the hearts of everyone.  He amazes each of us as we witness  the progress he has made and continues to make. It has  been an  intense period of time for Adam, his parents and family, and medical providers.  However,  we look back in disbelief at how beautifully it has all unfolded.


In November, we shared Baby Adam’s story with you and our need to raise $100,000 in one week. Thanks to your generosity, love and support, that goal was surpassed! The Baby Adam Fund has received over $170,000 in donations thus far.


Where is Baby Adam today?


“Baby Adam’s Journey continues to encourage and spur many of us on.


Many of you have come alongside his little life through your donations, your time, and so much more. We have been amazed as we see him heal after each major surgery, continue to develop a vibrant personality, and adapt uniquely to setbacks along the way.


Adam had his cleft lip surgery as well as his legs separated on February 14th. After 21 days in the hospital, he is now home with his family where he continues to recover well.  His lip repair has allowed his mouth to close in a way that it has not been able to do before.


And with his leg surgery, he has more mobility and function to his once fused legs. Adam’s quality of life, comfort, and functional ability, have all been greatly enhanced throughout these 8 surgeries since November.


Through the generosity of many around UNC, North Carolina, the country, and the world, we have received nearly $180,000 towards the “Baby Adam Fund”. Though many of the major surgeries are now behind us, there are going to be many ahead in the future. Please continue to remember Baby Adam, his family, and his care providers. And if you or someone you know would like to donate to his medical care, you can thru the Medical Foundation of North Carolina.”


How can I help Baby Adam?


Pediatric surgeons at North Carolina Children’s Hospital are encouraged by Adam’s progress and look forward to continuing his care.


You can help by continuing to show your emotional and financial support.  Baby Adam has additional surgeries ahead of him.  These surgeries include reconstruction of his nose and palate (the roof of his mouth);  the on-going reassessment of the eyelid surgery and corneal transplantation;  he will eventually need lower extremity prostheses in order to walk;  and surgery on his hands.


Thank you for all of the support you have provided.  We look forward to having you continue with us on this journey!


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