105-Year-Old Man Bill Mohr Receives His High School Diploma


It’s nearly impossible to watch Bill and Josie Mohr without cracking an enormous smile. Their happiness is too contagious.

The couple from Philadelphia has a lot to be happy about. They just celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and Bill’s 105th birthday. And if that wasn’t enough, on Sunday, Bill earned his high school diploma, according to CBS 3.

The World War II veteran had to leave Saint Joseph’s Preparatory School when he was 15 years old to help his parents out, FOX29 reported. Work and eventually the war kept him from graduating.

But Bill Connors, Prep’s president, wanted to change that. Connors told CBS that if Mohr had graduated on schedule, he’d have celebrated his class’ 85th anniversary this year. Connors simply had to get him that diploma.

Mohr was overwhelmed with gratefulness to finally be honored.

“If I die tomorrow, I’m not going to ask the Lord for anything. He has given me everything I need over the years,” he told CBS. “I can hardly say much more than that.”


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