Homeless Preacher !

Here’s an unusual way to put on the new man in Christ Jesus. Or is it ? Take up your cross and follow me ? I guess if you’re going to be filled with the Holy Spirit you might as well go all the way. Who of us has the courage to do what this man is doing ? Ten points for him saying that it’s not him but Christ in him. Should be try a little of what he is doing ? or are we going to intellectualize ? We know that we out of our own strength can do nothing , however , if we immerse ourselves in the Holy Spirit we will find it natural to give than to receive. Just a thought… Watch out though.. thoughts become actions , become habits and change your character.

If you try to save your life , you’ll lose it but if you accept that you’ve lost your life you’ll gain it .

There is taking your faith too far where you ignore those nearest to you in order to pursue what you believe is right. But who is to say what God’s will is for this man ?

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